The news as Circus Maximus

If it’s getting big play in the mainstream media (MSM), it’s probably not important. If it’s genuinely important, it’s probably not getting big play in the MSM. That is the guiding principle I have learned to use as a yardstick for measuring what I see, hear and read in the MSM. It has proven to be pretty accurate and hence […]

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Recent radio and t.v interviews

A] Manchester local radio This is an interview conducted on ‘Jewish Hour’, a weekly show on Salford City Radio – which is a local radio station in Manchester, UK. I visited Manchester on behalf of Israel Bonds in  early December 2016 and the interview – which relates to trends in the Israeli economy in general, as well as discussing Israel […]

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Budget data for January 2017

February 16, 2017
Bottom line: Nothing to get excited about. As usual, January saw a surplus — because government spending in this month is much lower than average. Tax revenue was impacted by a sharp fall in import taxes and a smaller fall in VAT — all due to the low level of vehicle imports, after the huge surge in December.

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