TLR 189- Netanyahu’s Last Hurrah

January 10, 2019
In a matter of weeks, Israeli politics has swung from somnolent to frenetic. It now requires considerable effort just to keep up with the daily news of who is doing what — forming new parties, leaving old ones, creating or destroying alliances. Yet the polls — which no-one believes, yet everyone reads and quotes — have remained consistent regarding the most important aspect of the campaign, namely the winner: they say that Netanyahu is on course for another victory, which will enable him to choose his partners in the next government.

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TLR 188- Goldilocks has Left the Building

November 23, 2018
After weeks of quiet, thanks to the summer holidays and the Jewish holiday season running virtually back-to-back in August and September, Israel has reverted to intensive news generation. However, the striking thing about the developments over recent weeks is their content – what is in the headlines versus what is not, as well as what should be.

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TLR 187- All Change – Part 2

September 5, 2018
The previous issue presented an extensive discussion of the ‘challenges’ being encountered with regard to the appointment of the next Governor of the Bank of Israel — including a review of the legal and procedural requirements, why the process is again proving so difficult, as well as the ideological and policy implications involved in finding a ‘suitable’ candidate.

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