TLR 183- Red lines and Red Herrings

 December 20, 2017
After years of blessed boredom, during which Israel was able to watch regional developments from the sidelines with very limited direct involvement, the second half of 2017 has seen a dramatic change. Granted, during this period the pace of events across the entire region has accelerated, but from Israel’s vantage point, the change that has taken place is qualitative, not merely more of the same.

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Developing Leviathan Gas Field proves a mammoth task

25th August 2017 Suddenly, it’s all happening in the Eastern Mediterranean. After years of delay, confusion and dwindling hopes, the effort to develop the offshore natural gas Israel discovered in 2009-2010 — especially the giant Leviathan field — is back on track. This rebirth began late last year, but it is the slew of developments in recent weeks which seems […]

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