Developing Leviathan Gas Field proves a mammoth task

25th August 2017 Suddenly, it’s all happening in the Eastern Mediterranean. After years of delay, confusion and dwindling hopes, the effort to develop the offshore natural gas Israel discovered in 2009-2010 — especially the giant Leviathan field — is back on track. This rebirth began late last year, but it is the slew of developments in recent weeks which seems […]

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Trade data for July and January-July 2017

August 15, 2017
Bottom line: The July trade data suggest grounds for concern, which may be specific to the pharma sector or perhaps be wider. Whether measured by ‘original data’ or seasonally adjusted data, goods trade in July generated the largest monthly deficit of the year to date. On the other hand, the cumulative data for January-July present a much more stable picture. Developments in the next few months should be watched carefully.

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