De-nial is a river in London

July 14, 2017.
The British Labour Party, now led by the Hard Left, is likely to win power at the next general election. It will then adopt overtly anti-Israel policies. Yet the Israeli Establishment, especially the Foreign Ministry, is willfully blind to these imminent dangers — because it cannot adjust to the bitter realities of the twenty-first century.

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Locked into self-destruct mode

30th April 2017 This issue is devoted to Section B: Domestic Politics, because much has happened and further developments can be expected– probably culminating in the collapse of the current coalition and the fall of the Likud-led government. The analysis presented takes the view that there is no objective reason for the government to fall so soon and no rational […]

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Services exports data for February 2017

1st May 2017 Bottom line: Export services, the key sector of Israeli exports and the main driver of long-term economic growth, continue to post solid gains in almost all areas, including tourism and passenger transportation as well as high-tech. Sales of start-up companies fell sharply from the record level reached in January and were slightly below that of February 2016.

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Trade data for January-March 2017

30-04-17 Bottom line: The overall trade data for January-March paint a picture of relative stability — but this is misleading. First, March saw a significant improvement, after the deficit widened sharply in January-February. Second, imports would have fallen had it not been for a massive increase in fuel imports. Third — and perhaps most important — high-tech exports are rising […]

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