The Brexit precedent

June 24, 2016 Brexit is being viewed — hailed by some, feared by others — as a genuinely historic event that will be seen as marking a milestone in the development (or breakdown) of the UK, the EU and the second wave of globalization (the first ended with the First World War). This assessment is likely to prove valid, because […]

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Vox populi, vox dei

June 24, 2016 In the era of democracy, this slogan — “the voice of the people (is) the voice of God” — has come to be understood as a positive, almost exalted idea. Even in a secular age — or perhaps precisely in that environment — the concept of the people and their collective wisdom, expressed through a democratic process, […]

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Eretz Acheret January 26 Originally published in Eretz Acheret under the title ‘the Exodus from Europe 2015’. Israel is a European country. This fundamental fact is the essential starting point for any analysis of the current crisis of European Jewry and of its impact on Israel. Yet many Israelis do not consciously recognize this fact. It is so much part […]

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