TLR 188- Goldilocks has Left the Building

November 23, 2018
After weeks of quiet, thanks to the summer holidays and the Jewish holiday season running virtually back-to-back in August and September, Israel has reverted to intensive news generation. However, the striking thing about the developments over recent weeks is their content – what is in the headlines versus what is not, as well as what should be.

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TLR 187- All Change – Part 2

September 5, 2018
The previous issue presented an extensive discussion of the ‘challenges’ being encountered with regard to the appointment of the next Governor of the Bank of Israel — including a review of the legal and procedural requirements, why the process is again proving so difficult, as well as the ideological and policy implications involved in finding a ‘suitable’ candidate.

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TLR 185- Mensis mirabilis (amazing month)

June 12, 2018
This issue is being published on a day everyone agrees is historic and amazing. President Trump’s meeting with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un meets any conceivable criterion for “historic”, “ground-breaking” and the numerous other titles being heaped upon it. It is also genuinely amazing (another term suffering from intense overuse), because this time last year it seemed more likely that the two leaders would scale up from hurling insults at each other to firing missiles at each other’s countries, than that they would switch to smiling at and complimenting each other — and conducting intensive discussions about the major issues dividing them.

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TLR 184- Goldilocks is Packing Her Bags

April 11, 2018
For the first time in a long time, there are grounds for serious concern about the direction of Israeli economic policy and hence for the well-being of the economy. This issue presents a detailed analysis of the country’s fiscal situation and why, despite the excellent record and significant achievements in this sphere over the last fifteen years, fiscal policy has become the weak link in what is still a generally strong macro-economic position.

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The Landau Report

The landau report

The Landau Report is a unique newsletter, aimed at corporations, financial institutions and other entities active in Israel. Starting where the mainstream media leave off, The Landau Report has for 20 years provided original insights and analysis in five essential areas: A] Regional Developments B] Domestic Politics C] Macro-economics D] Corporate Affairs E] Financial Markets Click here now for the […]

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