The Landau Report

The landau report

The Landau Report is a unique newsletter, aimed at corporations, financial institutions and other entities active in Israel. Starting where the mainstream media leave off, The Landau Report has for 20 years provided original insights and analysis in five essential areas: A] Regional Developments B] Domestic Politics C] Macro-economics D] Corporate Affairs E] Financial Markets Click here now for the […]

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TLR 183- Red lines and Red Herrings

 December 20, 2017
After years of blessed boredom, during which Israel was able to watch regional developments from the sidelines with very limited direct involvement, the second half of 2017 has seen a dramatic change. Granted, during this period the pace of events across the entire region has accelerated, but from Israel’s vantage point, the change that has taken place is qualitative, not merely more of the same.

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Locked into self-destruct mode

30th April 2017 This issue is devoted to Section B: Domestic Politics, because much has happened and further developments can be expected– probably culminating in the collapse of the current coalition and the fall of the Likud-led government. The analysis presented takes the view that there is no objective reason for the government to fall so soon and no rational […]

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