TLR 176: Chugging along nicely — but the engine needs servicing

April 2, 2016
This issue reviews both the current strength of the Israeli economy and the problems facing it.

The current strength is the ‘good news’ part of the story, especially since the economy performed better in 2015 than had been expected and because the main positive developments came in the latter part of the year and seem to be extending into 2016. That makes the first part of the analysis — “Jam today” — a smooth and pleasant ride.

Problems are, by definition, less pleasant

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TLR 175: Stumped about Trump, pals with Putin

March 31, 2016
Over the course of the Obama presidency, the US has chosen to lower its Middle Eastern profile and involvement, whilst Russia has responded by considerably enhancing its presence and its clout — diplomatic and military, although not economic. Everyone in the region, from countries to terrorist entities, has been forced to scramble to adjust to this dramatic change.
But the changes in America’s global position and policy may be a work in progress…

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TLR 174: Belated Sunrise in Japan

February 8, 2016

This is an unusual issue — almost certainly unprecedented for this publication — in that it is devoted to a single topic, namely Israel-Japan relations. However, that one topic touches on aspects of all the five areas that this newsletter seeks to cover, namely A] Regional Developments; B] Domestic Politics; C] Macro-economics; D] Corporate Affairs and E] Financial Markets – so that the normal format is actually present, albeit beneath the surface.

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TLR 172: Inaction by Design vs Inaction by Default

October 19, 2015
The Netanyahu government is sticking to a policy of minimal response … this is only the most recent example of a much wider policy approach, that I term “pro-active passivity”, which is being employed in response to the broad spectrum of challenges at home, in the West Bank and Gaza and, most strikingly, with regard to the deepening mess in Syria and the entire regional meltdown.

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