TLR 195 – Beyond Containment, Toward Denouement

January 12, 2020
This issue is probably the longest I’ve ever written. Its sole focus is regional geo-politics, covering the developments in recent days as well as those of recent months, and also those I expect to take place in the coming months. Yet, despite its length, there is no coverage of Syria – with all due disrespect to Assad, Putin, Trump and Erdogan and due sympathy for the Kurds, this is an Israel-centred newsletter and there have been no important developments in Syria that impact directly on Israel. The same holds true for Libya, where important things are happening, but Israel is only very tangentially involved. Had there been nothing else to discuss, maybe I would have related to the Turkish operations in Syria, and in Libya, and much else – but that is hardly the case…

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イスラエルのGDP成長は3.3%、一人当たりで1.3%  2019年の暫定見積もり 詳細


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22nd December 2019

On December 16, Intel announced that it had agreed to acquire Habana Labs, a 3-year-old Israeli start up, for $2bn in cash.

This deal is not “just another exit by an Israeli start-up”. It has numerous, far-reaching implications at the national and international level, as well as illustrating several key trends in the Israeli technology sector.

This note briefly reviews the key facts relating to the companies and summarises the aspects of the deal that make it so important.

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