Budget data for January-August 2019

September 15th , 2019
Bottom line:
The budget data for August, as well as the data for the first eight months of 2019, confirm that Israel’s fiscal situation is deteriorating. The less-bad news is that the deterioration seems to have stabilised, at least temporarily.  Spending seems to be fairly under control, but the rate of increase in revenues is slow and this is driving the deficit higher. All this is happening against a background of paralysis in fiscal policy, caused by the absence of an elected government and Knesset.

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TLR 193- Hot and Getting Hotter

August 30, 2019
This issue was intended to be focused on the economy, highlighting the growing problems in key areas of policy, as well as the major social and economic issues that are of concern to most voters, but are not being discussed in the election campaign. However, as so often in Israel, urgent developments demand immediate attention and thus take precedence over longer-term issues. The discussion of fiscal and monetary policy, of stagnant exports and of the woes of the health, welfare and education systems will be deferred, but not for long – since none of those problems will disappear, but rather they will wait to greet the next government and demand its attention.

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The ostrich farm

August 2, 2019
“If he becomes Prime Minister, I’m out of here the next day”.

Commonly-heard comment from British Jews.

The ‘he’ referred to in the quote is not Boris Johnson, the country’s new premier — but rather Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party. It is Mr Corbyn, not Mr Johnson, from whom British Jews are threatening to run away.

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TLR 192- Silly politics and electoral entertainment, while serious trends develop beneath the surface

July 8, 2019
This issue is a direct continuation of the previous one, devoted to developments in domestic politics – despite the fact that the general public, which saw no reason to have another election, has shown no interest in the campaign to date Indeed, there is very little substance to generate interest. Yet nevertheless the wheels turn, decisions are made, party leaders rise and fall and the wider political process moves ahead.

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