Siren Songs

First and foremost, I am delighted to bring to the attention of regular readers (and anyone with nothing better to do) that I have launched an English-language blog within the Jerusalem Post Blogs Central framework; the address is My Hebrew-language blog runs at Meanwhile, given the non-stop action in the markets and the non-stop bad news about the […]

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The Jury is Out

It looks as if the expectation expressed here last week, that the phenomenal financial meltdown of 2008 would run its course before the end of October, is actually occurring. However, any hope that the massacre would quietly peter out was in vain; on the contrary, the final accord was in line with the overall theme, in that it saw another […]

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What can I do?

It may be asking a lot from a panic-stricken public watching its financial wealth evaporate, but it remains essential to distinguish between the two major crises underway. The more prominent and much further advanced of the two is the financial one, the speed and intensity of which has become so great that many analysts, belonging to different schools and using […]

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